RESTorative yoga is the antidote to the stress and fatigue caused by our busy modern lives.

1st Friday of the Month

5-7pm at the studio

 Numbers limited - bookings essential

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RESTorative Yoga Session
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Unplug and Reboot. Feel more relaxed than you ever thought possible.

Passive yoga with props encourages deep rest allowing the body and mind an opportunity to rejuvenate and heal. Be supported and guided into yoga poses in a way that allows the muscles to release and relax. This way  you receive the benefit and opening of the posture without exertion. This allows for the switching off of the stress response and a turning on of the parasympathetic nervous system - the rest and digest mode of operation. This gives the body the opportunity to rejuvenate and re-energise.

At the end of the session be guided through yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a guided body focused lying down meditation that leads to a very deep state of relaxation and peace. 

This is the best practice if you are feeling stressed, run down, fatigued or having trouble sleeping. No previous yoga experience required.


Restorative sessions with Lisa have been absolutely amazing! Very easy for someone who has never done yoga, but also suitable for more advanced yogis. The benefits you feel after the class and the next day are incredible. I felt more alert and energetic and had a really good nights sleep. The following day I have so much more energy contained within me and my mood is always more positive. Highly recommend!
— Ellen
Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality and fabulous class on Friday. I slept so well that night for the first time in ages!
— Marissa