For me, the best time of day to practice yoga is first thing in the morning. You have an empty stomach and you can make the time before a busy day distracts you. It becomes part of the routine like brushing your teeth and something feels not quite right if you miss it.

Yoga at sunrise is a beautiful thing – the world is quiet and the atmosphere feels more special somehow.

Yoga in the morning sets up the day so that you feel energised, centered, free in the body and more focused in the mind to tackle the day ahead. What a great habit to form!

In these classes there is less focus on relaxation (although we do allow a little time for that at the end) and more focus on energising and opening up the body.

Classes run for 60 mins from 6-7am on Fridays and are open to all. Finish the working week in a great space!


Yoga over the last 13 years has motivated me and I feel that nothing is impossible. I know it is always there to help when needed. I feel that yoga is good for my body and soul. I always feel relaxed and calm after a class. Classes are a way to meet people that don’t judge you. My most beneficial outcome is body flexibility, which I am sure reduces aches and pains. I use Yoga to motivate me to keep walking and jogging on a regular basis. Thanks Lisa for always being so reliable and calming.
— Vivienne