10 min Daily Routine for Inner Well Being



·       UNPLUG - put the phone down, step away from the screen. Look up and look around you. Turn off unnecessary notifications.


·       GROUND - Go outside and stand bare foot or sit on the earth. This will reduce inflammation/heat and stress. Use your senses to connect with nature and notice your surroundings.


·       BREATHE - Breath = Life. Deep breathing with a focus on lengthening the exhalation will calm the nerves and give you more energy. Take 10 slow deep breaths into the belly.


·       MOVE – Do something to move and free your body. Walk, yoga, dance, shake, anything to move out the tension and get energy moving freely.


·       MINDFULNESS – get out of your thoughts and into the moment. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of your breath. Be aware of sensation in your body. Do this throughout the day, make it a habit.


·       SMILE – fake it until you make it! This muscular action releases the bodies own feel good chemicals into your system.


*Repeat as needed throughout the day