Established in 1998 Relax and Shine Yoga is the longest running Hatha Yoga school in Jimboomba.  A variety of class times and levels on offer throughout the week will ensure that you find a session that best suits your needs.

Structured for a holistic and nourishing yoga experience, classes include asanas(dynamic and static yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation.

In our busy modern lives there is not enough importance given to stillness. We have forgotten how to relax. Relax and Shine yoga has an emphasis on finding a balance between activity and rest. Learning how to relax, be present and reconnect to ourselves improves our physical health as well as how we cope with stress in our day to day life.

Relax and Shine Yoga classes are not just another exercise class. Yes you will improve your strength, flexibility and energy levels. You will learn how to breathe correctly for better health and vitality. You will also learn how to focus and calm your mind to reclaim your inner peace – your Shine!

Sometimes it’s not easy to make myself go to class (easier to flop in front of the TV) but no matter how tired or stressed I feel when I start, by the time I leave I feel energized, relaxed and happy from the inside out. Yoga puts a smile on my face
— Kim