• Drink plenty of water before and after each class.
  • Bring with you a yoga mat, water bottle (and cushion if needed). Please Note: Mats are available for sale on request.
  • Wear light, comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily.
  • In cooler months bring layers or a blanket for relaxation.
  • It’s best not to eat for at least 2 hours before class. Fruit and juice may be consumed up to 1 hour before class.
  • If you have an injury or medical condition, please inform the teacher.
  • Learn by watching and listening to the teacher and to your body. Be kind to yourself and be aware of your limitations. If you need to rest, it’s okay.
  • Enjoy! Remember yoga is a practice, not a performance.


  • If you are new please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register. Classes begin on time.
  • Please remove your shoes when you enter to keep our working space clean. Classes are practiced barefoot.
  • Be sure to advise your teacher before class if you have an injury/medical condition or are pregnant. 
  • Ensure mobile phones are turned off.
  • Please avoid wearing strong perfume or scents and heavy jewellery.