This class is suitable for people who are looking for a softer and more restorative practice. It is a good starting point if you are a beginner, have been inactive for a period of time or have health concerns that need working around. Postures are practiced more slowly and gently allowing time for adjustments and ease.

Each class incorporates Sarva Hitta Asanas which means exercises that are good for everyone and good for all parts of the body to help

  • Free the muscles of tension

  • Build strength and flexibility

  • Deepen the breath

  • Strengthen and mobilise the joints

  • Stimulate digestion and circulation

  • Calm the mind and the nerves

In each class, time is also spent learning how to relax, breathe correctly and beginner meditation practices.

Class is weekly on Mondays 5.15-6.15pm and Tuesdays 9-10am. Drop in anytime, all are welcome.


Had another great session today. I can now do a whole movement sitting back on my heels, it’s only taken 6 weeks....something the old knees didn’t like to begin with. I am loving getting my flexibility back. Relax and Shine Yoga is the best.
— Jane, Jimboomba
I started yoga one month ago after ill health, stress and exhaustion forced me to leave my job of 16 years. I notice my energy levels are higher on a Tuesday after one hour of yoga. I also feel more centered and calmer in myself after the session.
— Jennifer