Who doesn’t love a good massage?

Let Lisa guide you through the relaxing yet powerful practice of roll and release therapy. Massage balls are used to relieve deep seated tightness in the muscles and fascia (connective tissue).

Like a deep massage that you give yourself and keep total control over pressure.

Targeting trigger points in regions that most of us tend to store tension you will feel a profound release physically and perhaps free underlying emotional holding patterns as well.

This practice will relieve stiffness and pain, promote mobility, flexibility, circulation and energy as well as soothe and calm the nervous system. It is also beneficial to aid in the recovery and performance of other sports and forms of exercise.

Held each Thursday morning 9-10am at the Studio. Come along anytime. No need to book.

Loved your class last night Lisa! Hips and whole body feeling much relief.
— Amy
I love your teaching style and the support you show to everyone who attends class. I really enjoy your yoga sense and appreciate having someone as great as you so close to home.
— Marita