An introduction to the basics of Ayurvedic cooking.

Learn how to use your food as your medicine. 

Saturday 13th October 2019 - 10.30am-2.30 pm

This will be an informative, interactive and tasty afternoon. Lisa will teach you how to make simple changes to the way that you prepare your food so that it's more easily digested and nourishing. Learn how to use Ayurvedic spices in your cooking to improve health.

The afternoon will include:

  • Learn the importance of good digestion for overall health and how to have a strong digestive fire.

  • How to make ghee - one of Ayurveda's super foods. Learn about it's amazing health properties.

  • The secret world of Ayurvedic porridge - so much flavour and variety to try. Never be bored of porridge again.

  • Learn how easy it can be to make your own flat bread - chapatis. Never feel bloated after bread again.

  • How to make kitchari- a light tasty meal of rice and mung dhal used in Ayurveda for detoxing and healing

  • How to make a basic sauce using ayurvedic spices. This versatile base can be used to bring a health boon and more flavour to a myriad of different dishes.

  • How to make the Ayurvedic health drink - chai.

  • Take home recipes

  • Morning tea and lunch included.


Venue: Relax and Shine Yoga Studio 533 Camp Cable Rd, Jimboomba

Date/Time: Sunday 13th October 2019 10.30am-2.30pm

Booking: Essential - Numbers Limited - inquire here

Some feedback from past workshops

What an information packed afternoon and so well presented! Just the inspiration I need to start looking after my nutrition in a simple to understand delivery.
— Kris
Fantastic afternoon with lots of learning. Thanks Lisa for showing us how to improve our health in a natural and tasty way.
— Leanne
Thank you Lisa for a fantastic and informative workshop. I went home and cooked the basic spiced ghee recipe with vegies for dinner. My family loved it. This morning we started the day with the ginger, lemon and honey drink. I already cooked with spices but your workshop has motivated me to introduce them once again as often as i can throughout the day. See you next time.
— Yolanda