Learn how to keep your family healthy using herbs and spices from your kitchen cupboard.

Saturday 23rd February 2019

 Spices can do so much more than just flavour our food!

In this hands on afternoon you will learn the Ayurvedic way of using common kitchen spices to restore and maintain health naturally.

The afternoon will include:-

  • A hands on intro into the healing qualities of common spices

  • How to use spices in your cooking to aid digestion and restore health

  • Making and tasting the Ayurvedic health drink - Chai

  • Sample teas and remedies to try

  • Simple home remedies for every day health conditions

  • Take home workbook includes info, remedies and recipes

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates

Take your and your families health into your own hands. Learn tips that you can apply into your daily life to reclaim and maintain well being. Learn simple remedies for common ailments. Enjoy an uplifting afternoon with like minded people. All are welcome. 


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Venue: Relax and Shine Yoga Studio 533 Camp Cable Rd, Jimboomba

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Price: $65

Booking: Essential - Numbers Limited. Inquiries here 


1/2 Day Workshop
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What an information packed afternoon and so well presented! Just the inspiration I need to start looking after my nutrition in a simple to understand delivery. Came straight home to put your tips into practice. Everyone enjoyed dinner immensely. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon - visiting Relax and Shine is always awesome.
— Kris
Fantastic afternoon with lots of learning. Thanks Lisa for showing us how to improve our health in a natural and very tasty way.
— Leanne
Thank you Lisa for a fantastic and informative workshop. I went home and cooked the basic spiced ghee recipe with veggies for dinner. My family loved it. This morning I started the day with ginger, lemon, honey morning drink. I already cooked with spices before but your workshop has motivated me to introduce them once again as often as I can.
— Yolanda